Founded in 2012 by Sophie, a British girl trafficked to Italy for sexual exploitation, The Sophie Hayes Foundation provides confidence and employability workshops, placements, training and education opportunities that help survivors of trafficking rebuild their lives.

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There are an estimated 40 – 46 million modern day slaves in the world today. Slavery is the act of recruiting, transporting or harbouring someone for the purpose of exploitation which can include sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, forced labour, forced marriage, organ donation, child soldiers and forced begging or forced crime. 

The Global Slavery Index (2018) claims there are a total of 136,000 victims of trafficking in the UK, vastly more than the United Kingdom Government’s 2014 assessment of 13000.  An increase of 17% recorded victims of human trafficking from 2015 to 2016 clearly indicates the accelerating scale of the needs of survivors. Furthermore, even when a victim has been identified and given support, it is estimated the rate of re-trafficking and exploitation is still as high as 50%. Our mission is to close this gap.

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