Solent and Lara both expressed a desire to learn how to design and make jewellery, a skill they wanted to use back in their home countries one day.  Sophie Hayes Foundation identified a social enterprise in the London area, which agreed to provide training and support. Resulting in Solent and Lara completing four-day long trainings and the creations of a piece of hand crafted jewellery! Both  are currently working with Sophie Hayes Foundation to further their  jewellery making training.

Tiana showed an interest in working with charities, Sophie Hayes Foundation created an opportunity for Tiana to shadow a large and successful charity with four days of work experience with a local partnerships manager.

Cassie expressed an interest in one day opening up a clothes shop in her home country, designing her own clothing line. Sophie Hayes Foundation supported this goal by identifying  a day placement at a tailoring and sewing social enterprise. As Cassie saw her natural talent, her hope for a different kind of work in the future increased! She was relocated to another city,however Sophie Hayes Foundation continued working with Cassies’s case worker for her to continue her tailoring training locally.

Michel was shy , with minimal English and in the early stages of a pregnancy. Sophie Hayes Foundation worked with Michel, through translation apps and sign language, to understood Michel had an interest in nails and beauty. Whilst it wasn’t appropriate for her to do a voluntary placement due to her pregnancy, she has since started practicing nails on the other ladies in her house – building her confidence, community and skills.

Gable expressed an interest to become a hairdresser, using her creative skills to help support herself whilst she learnt English and saved for university. Sophie Hayes Foundation connected Cassie with a hairdresser for an initial session, which was then expanded to a work shadowing programme. After a month, she found she had a natural flair for hairdressing and was placed on a six month training programme. She has grown in confidence in her English language, customer service .