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We have the most amazing team who bring our Day 46 Programme to life.  Contact Us to explore how you can get involved. 

Leadership Team

Naomi Telfer leads the Sophie Hayes Foundation alongside working with charities and businesses as a leadership development consultant.  After 10 years in corporate HR and training, she decided to spend time working in Asia using her skills to help survivors of trafficking see restoration and reintegrate into society. Naomi returned with a passion to see the same hope and support apply to survivors of trafficking in London.  Her primary focus is building  partnerships between care providers, learning suppliers and businesses across London to help build a system of collaborative support for survivors. Naomi oversees the delivery of the Day 46 Programme as well as facilitating.


026Lorraine McIntyre hails from Scotland and is a qualified secondary school music teacher. In more recent years Lorraine has been working with adults with complex needs, drug addictions and adults requiring mental health support. Driven by a desire to see people discover more of who they truly are and fulfil their potential, Lorraine trained as a life-coach in 2014. She is especially passionate about working with women to help them discover their own unique beauty and what they bring to the world, unlocking the potential within! Lorraine leads the Awareness team and is also a facilitator for   the Day 46 Programme.



Christine Gilland commissions and writes for Threads, and freelances in editing and writing. In her previous role, at a national charity specialising in mental and emotional health, she regularly gave talks on emotional wellbeing for women of all ages, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to do this again through the Sophie Hayes Foundation. In the future, she aims to study positive psychology and coaching. Christine moved to London from Australia five years ago, and thinks it’s heaven on earth (which is a good thing, as she’s since   married a native Londoner!). Christine is a facilitator for the Day 46 Programme.


Day 46 Facilitators & Interns

004Daniela Nyarko was born and bred in Germany and moved to London in more recent years to finish her studies in Business & Management. After spending two years in the UK it was clear that she wanted to develop her future career in London. Daniela is passionate about supporting people in need and seeing them succeed in life. She strongly believes in the spirit of unity and community which is so key in raising awareness to prevent, recognise and fight trafficking. Daniela is our Strategic Operations Manager and a facilitator for the Day 46 Programme.



Megan Landreth-Smith, has been building friendships with women working in the brothels of Soho for over five years and in 2015 spent the year living in South East-Asia, seeking to free women and young children from the Red Light district. She has been working first hand with victims both young and old, playing a part in their restoration and rehabilitation. Megan recently returned to the U.K and is currently developing a business idea for a social enterprise that would radically alter the lives of many women caught in the trafficking industry by providing them work placements and jobs in the U.K. Her desire is to see women walk into their destiny, and step into complete wholeness.



Lucy Steels is a writer and currently works at both a media agency and at safe houses in London, supporting survivors of human trafficking. She studied Journalism, Film and Media at Cardiff University which birthed her passion for social justice, especially in the UK. Lucy is passionate about giving people a voice and seeing women released into  true freedom after trafficking and prostitution. Her desire is to continue working in survivor aftercare and tell the stories of women through media and arts. Lucy is part of the awareness team at SHF and is also a facilitator for the Day 46 Programme.



Mema Nackasha is passionate about empowering and supporting women who are victims of human trafficking, and helping them regain their confidence. As a facilitator for the Day 46 Programme, there’s nothing more important to her than bringing hope to lives of all the women she meets, alongside reigniting their happiness and helping them find the spirit in them that makes them unique. She also helps out with the fundraising side of the Sophie Hayes Foundation and is always looking for ways to help the charity keep growing and flourishing!



Alice Weaver spent 3 months in 2011 working for a charity within a red light district in India, Kolkata, supporting the women and their children within the brothel where her heart of trafficked women ignited. She moved to London in 2015 to pursue her career in Marketing and has been part of the Sophie Hayes team now for a year where she is a facilitator for the Day 46 programme and is also part of the awareness team. Her passion is to support and empower women who have had their hope stripped away by showing them there is hope, that they are beautiful and that they are valued.



Camilla Clarke lives in Wolverhampton and works for a local church, overseeing various programmes and services for children, young people and their families. She has travelled extensively and has served in various short-term missions, including an anti-trafficking charity in Cambodia. Camilla enjoys getting to the root of issues and loves to help people find healing, freedom, identity and purpose. She enjoys writing, speaking at conferences and is a trained Life Coach. Within the Sophie Hayes foundation, she is a Lead Facilitator for the Day 46 programme and with a team in Wolverhampton will be piloting the programme in the Midlands area.



Tamie Forrester works for a charity as a clinical nurse specialising in lymphoedema. In her spare time, she volunteered as a youth worker at her local church empowering and mentoring young adults for several years. Tamie is passionate about helping people, especially young women and desires to help them reach their potential and encourages them in discovering their inner beauty, strength and uniqueness. She enjoys supporting people in need to identify their dreams, renew their hope and find full restoration.



Trisha Keady is a lead practitioner in an establishment for disengaged teenagers where she works closely with them on a mentoring program to reintegrate them back into school or alternative provisions. Trisha has a passion to see people realise their potential for restoration and coming alive with their dreams realised. For the past six years, she has also lead a dedicated team for Lifespring youth ministries. Her passion to see transformation, hope and a future for young people resonates through many areas in her life. She enjoys working on one to one levels with people to help overcome barriers, in particular vulnerable people where she has a high value for justice. Trisha has in previous years ran a joint business with her husband and sees herself as quite visionary. She loves nature and sees people as unique and with immense value.



Charlotte Trefusis is the Relationships Manager for an international anti-slavery and trafficking NGO. She has previously worked at the Centre for Social Justice, a think tank seeking to tackle the root causes of poverty, as a Research Assistant in the UK Parliament and in the Communications team at International Justice Mission in Washington, DC. Her passion for the anti-slavery movement began in 2012 when she read Sophie’s autobiography, ‘Trafficked’, and it is therefore a privilege to be involved with the Sophie Hayes Foundation’s brilliant work. Charlotte is a facilitator for the Day 46 programme.



Sarah Rose Roberts recently moved to London and is passionate about working with those who have experienced sexual exploitation. Whilst studying Politics she wrote her dissertation on sex trafficking, after conducting further research on the topic, her heart for survivors grew. With an interest in counselling and a heart to see restoration, she then gained experience providing telephone support to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Sarah Rose is joining the team of Day 46 Programme facilitators (and is involved in facilitating a network for programme alumni).



Rachel Harris lives in Suffolk. After 5 months of leadership training in Canada, she has just graduated from a degree in International Development, writing her dissertation on the protection of refugees from human trafficking after spending 2 months working in Greek refugee camps. Her passion for justice started at an early age and was fueled by a visit to the Kibera slum when she climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for projects there. She has a particular passion for restorative aftercare for survivors and making more people aware of the issues surrounding human trafficking. She is joining us as an intern to help with the Day 46 Programme and other parts of SHF.




Michelle Moreland is part of the awareness team. Originally from South Africa, her passion to be the voice for the ‘voiceless’ drove her to qualify with a Media and Journalism degree in 2011. She moved to London in 2008, where she has since worked in Marketing for various corporations as well as volunteering with local youth groups where possible. Her desire is to be a help to those who have been trafficked to live a fulfilled life and to drive awareness with those who are unaware of modern day slavery.



Shaun Moreland is part of the awareness team. Born and bred in South Africa, he moved to London in 2007 to pursue a career in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics. Realising the futilely of life, his want to help those less fortunate grew. Living by the famous Edmund Burke quote – This only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing – his passion to encourage and empower those at a disadvantage is his aim as well as seeing the world changed and people informed because there is always more than meets the eye in the world.




Kerri-Leigh Teo has worked with children and young people aged between 3-19 over the past 5 years and continues to do so. Through supporting an anti-trafficking campaign called ‘Captiv8’ led by a local church, Kerri-Leigh knew that she wanted to be a part of tackling the issue of Human Trafficking. Kerri will be looking at fundraising and funding strategies to raise money for the women that the charity works with. She is passionate about raising awareness through creating youth sessions and school lessons to educate children and young people about Human Trafficking and also empower and activate them to make  a difference. Kerri is also a facilitator for the Day 46 Programme.



Nikki Mata is a Los Angeles-based creative and beauty industry professional. She is an alumni of FIDM, a California design school, where she studied graphics, concept design, and art direction. She has worked for publications, media, and various divisions of the arts, creatively and from a business standpoint. In addition, she has served her time and efforts with U.S. based organisations and non-profits and currently works to merge the language of creativity with global social justice issues, including human trafficking. Nikki is part of the awareness team at SHF




Adam Crossley is Chair of Trustees for the Sophie Hayes Foundation and has been involved since the Foundation’s beginning. After a serving as an Army Officer, Adam has spent 10 years in corporate leadership roles for Skanska, a Swedish multi-national construction company, and is currently Director of Environment, Community and Business Ethics for Skanska’s UK operations. Upon leaving the Army, Adam developed a strong passion to stop modern day slavery and trafficking and is particularly passionate about being able to help survivors regain hope and find a new way. Adam’s primary roles are to support Naomi Telfer as the Foundation’s lead, and, working with the other trustees, to ensure the Foundation is managed and governed in an efficient and responsible way for the benefit of trafficking survivors.


017Hannah Robinson







Hannah O’Brien is one of the founding Directors of SHF, with over 10 years experience working in Finance in the FMCG Industry.  Hannah is our Treasurer and oversees our financial affairs, ensuring the correct use of our funds and compliance with relevant legislation.  Hannah is a key member of our Board of Trustees who oversee the whole SHF operation.


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