Join us in welcoming Red Godfrey-Sagoo as our new CEO!



The Sophie Hayes Foundation is delighted to welcome Red Godfrey-Sagoo as our new CEO. She will continue the foundational work of outgoing CEO Naomi Partridge.

Red has a long history of fighting social injustice. Her experience leading humanitarian organisations and projects will bring significant experience to the Foundation as it grows to expand its work and presence.

Born in Uganda, Red grew up in Birmingham and then moved to the US, where she was a Director for the American Red Cross for six years.  Since then she has had a varied and amazing career, with highlights including: The development of a large programme of educational and food support for underserved minority groups and communities as the Director of Community Services at United Way, supporting the Olympic World Summer Games in Los Angeles as a Director of the Special Olympics and most recently expanding the Safe Passage UK programme, which saw her involvement in the closure of the Calais jungle and where the issue of trafficking again captured her heart.

Red sees her leadership of the Sophie Hayes Foundation as a chance to give back to a large cause from within a smaller talented charity and she can utilise her experience to build on the fantastic platform inherited from Naomi.

Chair of the Sophie Hayes Foundation Board of Trustees, Adam Crossley, said:

“We had a lot of excellent candidates so it wasn’t an easy decision but Red really stood out, not just because of her experience and capability but because of her warm personality and how well she fits with our values.  We’re approaching our seventh anniversary at SHF and I have to pay tribute to Naomi’s leadership over the past three years, giving us an excellent financial platform and growing our capability to support over 130 survivors of trafficking so far; Naomi has been the heart of taking Sophie’s legacy forward and we wouldn’t be here without her.

Red will continue that personal commitment to our values and the aspiration of hope, but joins us as we continue to mature as an organisation.  She is the right person to lead this next phase of Sophie Hayes Foundation putting survivors of trafficking first.  I am really looking forward to working with her.”

Naomi moves on from leading the Sophie Hayes Foundation to help build socially purposeful business, HOLOS, a company that produces natural products, (starting with kombucha, a chilled fermented tea). Some of the proceeds from this new venture will be used to support anti-trafficking charities such as the Sophie Hayes Foundation as well as providing training and jobs for survivors of trafficking.  Naomi will always be part of the Sophie Hayes Foundation story and will continue to support its growth as a volunteer.

Red will start in post on 3rd September and will focus on getting to know the Sophie Hayes Foundation team whilst supporting the delivery of our autumn Day 46 programmes and launching the new Birmingham Day 46 Programme centre.

We hope you are as excited as the Foundation is about the possibilities that lie ahead, so please join us in giving Red the very warmest welcome.


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