Hear what some of our interns have to say about their year interning with us

029Rachel: Day 46 Programme Intern and Day 46 Facilitator

“I have absolutely loved being an intern with The Sophie Hayes Foundation this last year. It has been such a privilege to work alongside amazing and inspiring people – both the team and survivors. It has helped me to give human trafficking more of a face as I have met each woman and been inspired by their strength, courage, and resilience. It has helped me to have a greater insight into the everyday issues that survivors of trafficking are facing and increased my eagerness to learn more. It has been an absolute honour to facilitate on the Day 46 Programme and see what an amazing resource it is and see survivors empowered to step into hope filled futures. I will miss being around such strong, generous and kind people and being able to work with such a hope-filled, impactful and passionate charity each week.”

Sakira: Awareness and Influence intern and Day 46 Facilitator


“It is hard to express in words how impactful and rewarding it has been to work for the Sophie Hayes Foundation. The opportunities for development have not only been transformative in my professional but also my personal life. It has been an honour to witness first-hand the difference the Day 46 programme can have on the participants in our programme. The personal journey’s, struggles and successes of each survivor I have had the privilege of meeting have both inspired and activated me to continue to fight against modern slavery. The Sophie Hayes Foundation see ‘people’ and this is truly translated both in their support throughout the team and work with survivors. I hope to continue to support the amazing work they do.”

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