Today our 100th Participant starts the Day 46 Programme!


A message from our CEO

We have reached over 100 women!

We started the Day 46 Programme piloting in two London safehouses in February 2016, as a group of friends at Sophie Hayes Foundation who wanted to help survivors of trafficking grow in confidence, self-belief, purpose, and employability.

The first programmes were VERY steep learning curves, and we remember being absolutely exhausted most of the time! But we persevered, we listened to feedback, we simplified our approach, we embedded an outreach coach to help practical outcomes such as education, work, and training become a reality for graduates and we established a longer-term community (Day 46+) so everyone we worked with had a community they could belong in. And ultimately, it was the women we had the honour of working with that kept us inspired each week. Women who had overcome horrors many of us can’t imagine, and yet retained a sense of hope, dignity, and purpose. You can learn about one of these inspiring participants on our programme through this video.

Since then, as we reach our 100th Day 46 participant, we have worked with over 30 trained facilitators and 12 referral partners across two cities, set up 60 training placements in businesses, charities or social enterprises, helped 35 women into education and 4 into work. Our Day 46 video gives a sense as to how we have evolved what we do to respond to the needs we have seen.

We are so happy that more people are talking about the importance of employability support for survivors of trafficking than when we began. One of the keys to unlocking this issue remains the need for the right to work – with most survivors of trafficking remaining in limbo long term, unable to make plans or gain financial independence. If you want to help in this way, do write to your MP via the Free For Good campaign website – which is advocating for better rights for survivors of trafficking.

We couldn’t mark this occasion without saying a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on the way – our incredible donors and supporters, our inspiring volunteer facilitators, the businesses, and colleges who have hosted placements, our amazing referral partners, especially Bakhita House and Medaille Trust who piloted with us two years ago, and of course, the women we work with, for whom this is all for. Let’s keep going!

Love Naomi
CEO, Sophie Hayes Foundation

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