Face Trafficking and Show Heart #SophiesLoveStory #SendLove

Sophie’s Love Story* is a true story of survival from human trafficking. Sophie was a British girl, groomed for 4 years and trafficked on the streets of Italy, by a man she thought loved her. Sadly, this is not an isolated case, an estimated 13,000 people in the UK are subject to these forms of exploitation, modern day slavery and human trafficking, the vast majority of whom are women. However, as Sophie’s story is shared, we are able to support more women in the UK who have also survived human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Our purpose is to focus on the future and hope, to be survivors and not victims. We promote this through our Day 46 programme, a series of workshops designed to break the cycle of re-trafficking and create sustainable, long-term change in the lives of these women.

Survivors of trafficking who have children face multiple barriers to employment and building independence. The money raised specifically from our #SendLove campaign will go towards our new Day 46 Mum’s Programme, which will enable survivors of trafficking who are new mothers to attend our sessions. From our evaluations of the Day 46 Programme, we found that some mothers were unable to attend our sessions due to child care responsibilities. It became a vital goal of ours to find the funding to support mothers so that they can gain the same access to our workshops and feel empowered to achieve their desired futures.

* To find out more about Sophie’s Story read her book Trafficked


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