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In Spring 2017, the Sophie Hayes Foundation, Caritas Bakhita House and TESCO Borough Community Champions developed an innovative partnership to support survivors of trafficking in employability skills.

There are an estimated 13000 victims of trafficking and modern-day slavery across the UK, originating from countries such as Albania, Romania, Nigeria, Vietnam and Thailand. Even after a survivor has been removed from their exploitation, they are still very much in danger of poverty, homelessness and re-trafficking.  Many individuals are trafficked because they are already vulnerable, with low education, social support and employment opportunities.  As such, it is crucial to provide long term support in housing, employability and education to help them move forward with their lives.

The Sophie Hayes Foundation and Caritas Bakhita House had already been partnered since early 2016 through the Day 46 Programme, a confidence and employability programme designed exclusively for survivors of trafficking.  As part of the Day 46 Programme, survivors experience workshops, 1:1 coaching and a bespoke volunteering training placement that sets them up for future success.  Bakhita House provides long-term accommodation and holistic support to female survivors of trafficking, and had provided a pilot base for the Day 46 Programme when it started in February 2016.

Many women that the Sophie Hayes Foundation work with desire to move into customer service and retail.  As such, the Sophie Hayes Foundation were delighted when TESCO confirmed they would be willing to run a workshop for survivors of trafficking as part of the Day 46 Programme.

The TESCO Borough Community Champions planned and delivered an incredible day – bringing inspiring female leaders from across the business to provide career, CV and job application advice.  These female mentors spoke authentically about their own stories throughout, building a sense of shared community together.

The Sophie Hayes Foundation and Caritas Bakhita House would like to thank TESCO for their hard work and the difference they have made in the fight against slavery through empowering survivors of trafficking to build hope-filled futures.  It is through collaborations like this, where businesses spot the opportunities to use their unique position to build employability and skills, that we will see transformative outcomes for survivors of trafficking.




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