Trafficked: the story


Story telling is important. Throughout history, storytelling has always been a vital part of communication, especially a story that really means something and makes a difference, one that challenges and inspires us. In the days leading up to Anti-Slavery Day, we are posting a series of true stories on our blog space which are all about our experiences as a team leading the Day 46 Programme in safe houses across London. A fantastic opportunity for you to really step into the shoes of the survivors themselves and their hopes for life after the safehouse.

‘Trafficked’, written by our founder Sophie, tells her true story of adversity, courage and hope as a survivor of trafficking. And this story is the first of so many others that we have heard since Sophie started the foundation. Over the next few days you will be reading about the domino effect of one woman’s brave story on the lives of many other women. The common thread that runs through each story is hope. I would like to propose a challenge to share and discuss what you’ve read. I encourage you to begin sharing with friends, family, work colleagues – what does ‘hope’ mean to you? Let us know your thoughts – we would love to hear!


Lorraine  x

The Sophie Hayes Foundation

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