We’re Collaborating!



‘Collaboration isn’t about giving up our individuality; it’s about realising our greater potential.’ Joseph Rain

We’re delighted to announce that we’re teaming up with Bramber Bakehouse http://www.bramberbakehouse.co.uk to deliver Day 46.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Bramber website:

‘Central to our philosophy is a passion to see women who have been exploited set free. It runs through all that we do and every cake that we bake. Bramber Bakehouse currently provides 6 month workshops, with a view to create an internship in the future. The programmes are constructed to give the best chance of recovery to women who have previously experienced exploitation and will include one-to-one mentoring, support with life skills including budgeting, career advice and, where appropriate, specific and expert counselling.’

The Day 46 Programme will form part of the Bramber Bakehouse programme and will follow on from morning baking sessions, taught by Co-Founder Lucy Butt and baking extraordinaire of The Great British Bake-off fame, Martha Collison.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Day 46 Programme is an identity, purpose, self-esteem and employability programme for women who have come out of trafficking. It is a blend of group work, coaching, voluntary vocational placements and on-going support, tailored to each individual. We have seen tremendous success to date with some very encouraging feedback which suggests the programme is really helping these individuals, who have been through such unimaginable trauma, to make discoveries about the amazing person they are inside, and from that place of confidence, start making steps towards a fulfilling future in which they are able to pursue their hopes and dreams. And along the way we have fun!  At the heart of all we do is the concept that strong community is a key to recovery and that connection and togetherness are important, not only for the women we work with, but in how we function as a foundation. We believe that together we can achieve more and it is in this spirit of collaboration that we endeavour to reach out to those with a similar vision and work together to bring about greater change.

We’re extremely thankful that we get the opportunity to collaborate with Bramber Bakehouse. We know that by working together, we’ll make a bigger difference to the lives that need it most.

The Sophie Hayes Foundation will be training up Bramber staff throughout August, ready to launch this autumn.


Lorraine McIntyre August 2016

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