Hello and welcome to our new project – the Sophie Hayes Foundation blog!

We’re very excited to be starting this new venture – a space to empower Survivors of trafficking, giving them an opportunity to share, their views, their experience. A space where we can explore the realities of trafficking, both globally but sometimes specifically honing in on what’s happening in the UK, where the Sophie Hayes Foundation is based, to explore what we can do to help put a stop to Modern Day Slavery. And a space to create greater awareness of what MDS is, how it affects those who experience it and even more importantly, activating us to be better able to recognise the signs of someone who has been trafficked and then support them beyond their ordeal.

At the very core of the Sophie Hayes Foundation is a belief that every person has incredible value and worth, deserves to have their voice heard and has something beautiful and unique to offer the world, something that is much needed. We all matter. And therefore we refer to those who have experienced trafficking as ‘Survivors’, not ‘victims’. The women we have worked with thus far have continually surprised us with their vitality, strength and tenacity, and they have taught us that no matter what horrendous things they have experienced, they have so much to give and have incredible potential. As we heard their stories, we realised they are the best people to share what will really make a difference for others who have experienced the same. As such, one of our aims of creating a blog space is to offer these Survivors a chance to share their perspectives, something which we believe is extremely important in understanding the fight we are in to see the atrocities of trafficking end once and for all.

So, what can you expect to be reading?
  • Posts which help break down common misconceptions of trafficking and capture a realistic view, exploring trafficking in the UK and globally
  • Posts which capture the views and experiences of the women we work with
  • Posts which share the experiences, reflections and hopes of those who work directly with the women
  • Discussions – for example, how we can improve our systems here in the UK and beyond to better support Survivors of trafficking, reflections on what has gone wrong in society which has fed into the problem of Modern Day Slavery
  • Posts which inspire, motivate and instill hope
  • Posts which explore related topics such as equality, empowerment, self-esteem, beauty, purpose, confidence and so on
  • Posts which discuss ideas and share about social enterprises and other organisations that are doing a great job of supporting Survivors
  • Posts which talk about events which are happening – both globally and here in the UK – and how you, the readers can get activated!
  • …And more!

We sincerely hope that you gain so much from following our blog, that you are not just informed but moved to action, that you feel inspired and motivated to generate change, joining in with this movement to end Modern Day Slavery, that you feel hope, because hope is something that the Survivors refer to again and again and we know how immensely important hope is to them. And so we very much desire you feel that same hope and never give up the fight until the dream for a world free from slavery has become reality.

A final note: we invite you to be not just be recipients of the posts you read on here, but participants – we encourage you to really engage in dialoguing about what you are reading, to actively become a part of our journey!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this exciting venture!

Here goes…

The Sophie Hayes Team x





  1. Iv just read your book Sophie.
    I felt compelled to come and find your website and well I’m not sure what to say.
    Your story hit home so deeply. Whilst I wasn’t trafficked I was in a relationship with a man who was as violent, controlling and fearsome.
    I found your story so so inspiring and it have me strength.
    Iv never met you and most likely will never do so but you have changed my life eternally in your book for which I am so greatful.
    You are one amazing women. Also your mum is equally amazing. I hope I can be half as good a mother yours is to you to my own children.
    Bless you and your family.

    1. Thanks Donna, good to hear how Sophie’s book impacted your life positively and gave you strength. All the best!

  2. Dear Sophie,

    I read your booked over and over again.., and it made me cry.
    I can only imagine a little of the horror you must had to suffer..
    Like others I have never met you and yeah you probably heard this millions of times: but I find you so incredible brave!

    Bless you!!!

  3. Like Donna, I, too, read your book and was inspired by your courage and look up to you for having to endure a living “hell on earth”. My heart truly goes out to you, your mum, and family. I have two beautiful girls and they are both at the age of seeking independence. I worry constantly and as I read your book, I felt I could really relate to your mother about having that 6th sense that something is wrong. My daughters think I watch too many movies/t.v. shows and read too many stuff about crime that it makes me paranoid, and they tell me it only happens to other people, but your book is a living testament that it DOES happen. If only I can convince them of it. The first time I even heard about “human trafficking” was at church. They mentioned about it and when I came across your book, I was curious to learn more. Unlike my daughters, I KNOW how this crime is very real and want to do everything in my power to protect them. I am so sorry that this ordeal happened to you and I remember my own mother telling me to be careful about whom I trust because I am a very trusting person. This is where I connected to you. Once upon a time, I was in an abusive (mental and physical) abusive relationship. The ironic thing is I was equally abusive because I fought back! Needless to say, that relationship ended, but it took over two years. The only good thing that came out of that relationship was my son. Thanks again!
    Warm Regards, L.C.

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