Day 46 Programme – Coming Soon!

We’re really excited to announce that we will be starting some pilots of our new programme ‘Day 46’ from January 2016.

Day 46 is designed to help survivors of trafficking navigate their next steps after their 45 days of statutory care. Together with organisations across London, we are collaborating to explore how we can really make a difference in the wellbeing, happiness and financial sustainability of survivors long term.

Through the Day 46 programme we’ll be working directly with survivors of trafficking to help them build confidence, community and readiness for work.

Day 46 incorporates workshops, mentoring, 1:1 remote coaching through our partner ‘Charis’ and a bespoke experience in a work placement, apprenticeship or training programme with an employer. This is a truly different kind of learning opportunity that we believe will bring real hope to survivors in the capital.

We’ll keep you posted on how it goes over the next few months. If you’d like to see Day 46 reach more women in London and beyond, there is an opportunity to donate towards travel expenses, learning materials and facilitators through our DONATE button. Thank you for your support!

Anti Slavery Day Exhibition at Husk Coffee Shop

We are very proud to have survivors of modern slavery showcasing their reflections on exploitation in the UK, accompanied by an original piece of artwork by Rosie Prince. Community members are invited to respond to the exhibition by expressing their personal Notes of Hope, which we will distribute to survivors of trafficking around the world.

The exhibition launched on 18th October to mark Anti Slavery day.

Thoughts and reflections from our friend and survivor

Thoughts and reflections from our friend and survivor

Illegal Overcrowding - part of our exhibition at Husk coffee shop for Anti-Slavery day

Illegal Overcrowding – part of our exhibition at Husk coffee shop for Anti-Slavery day

Becoming Hope: Stories, Reflections and Recommendations about Trafficking and Slavery Aftercare in the UK

Over the past year we have been speaking with survivors, aftercare providers and other organisations involved in fighting human trafficking and slavery to get a better idea of some of the obstacles faced by all. We have put all of our findings into a report Becoming Hope: Stories, Reflections and Recommendations about Trafficking and Slavery Aftercare in the UK.

We hear first hand accounts of survivors and their experience of life after slavery.

“one day, though, after a long wait and lots of preparation, I made my way to freedom. I didn’t know, however, that it would be out of the frying pan into the fire” – Natalie, survivor.

We really encourage the report to be used for educational purposes, as a reference or as part of your own research. We hope that it will unite organisations and individuals alike to give hope to survivors of human trafficking and slavery #BecomingHope

Read and download the full report here: Becoming Hope

Becoming Hope



A codeword system set up by Sophie's mum helped her to freedom.

A codeword system set up by Sophie’s mum helped her to freedom.

How a simple conversation and an agreed sentence could save your life:

Setting up a codeword system with her mum saved Sophie when she was forced into a life of prostitution at the hands of someone who told her he loved her. Made to call her mum once a week with her trafficker beside her in order to pretend she was having a wonderful time with someone she loved, there was no way to tell anyone about the desperate situation she was in. Scared for her own life and the lives of her family who her trafficker had threatened to kill if she ever “disrespected” Sophie felt like there would never be an end to her ordeal.

What would you do if you couldn’t tell your loved ones you were in trouble? 

Sophie’s mum had told her that if she was ever in trouble but couldn’t talk she should ask her “How is auntie Linda”. When they created this system they never thought they would have to use it but this very sentence would help Sophie to freedom.

Today, we encourage you to have a conversation with your father, mother, brothers, sisters or someone you would trust your life with:

4 steps to peace of mind:

1) Start the conversation with your person

2) Agree a simple and memorable sentence

3) Have peace of mind that if you ever find yourself in a position when you can’t talk but you need help you can use your code system

4) Encourage others to do the same – through conversation, by email, through your social media channels. Share the message, share our images, ask “I’ve got #MyCodeWord – have you got yours?”

#SeeHope #SpeakHope #BeHope – because this is a conversation worth having




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